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Y-Spark is designed to help entrepreneurs develop ideas, assess opportunities, and create small businesses. The program's instructional model helps entrepreneurs develop their small business ideas and prepares entrepreneurs to launch and operate their businesses. [learn more]
Entrepreneurs receive personalized business consulting through our established, step-by-step business planning process. Over eight sessions, a business coach will assist you in the creation of a standard business plan. [learn more]
The YMCA Business Planning Program provides many services to assist in the creation of a business plan. We provide quality copywriting, editing and business plan formatting for entrepreneurs who completed their business plans but require assistance putting the final touches on the plan. [learn more]
Entrepreneurs Everywhere is a rural business accelerator that caters to small business. It is designed to develop business ideas, empower entrepreneurs with core business training, and connect entrepreneurs with collaborators and mentors in their community. [learn more]

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