What is #Entrepreneurs Everywhere?

Entrepreneurs Everywhere is a rural business accelerator that caters to small business. It is designed to develop business ideas, empower entrepreneurs with core business training, and connect entrepreneurs with collaborators and mentors in their community.

#Entrepreneurs Everywhere Program

#Entrepreneurs Everywhere is designed to bring a new brand of entrepreneurial support to rural communities. This program will assist clients as they develop concepts in a collaborative environment.

During this program, entrepreneurs will incubate and test small-business ideas through active market validation. The training component will help entrepreneurs develop basic skills in accounting, finance, marketing, operations management and legal issues.

Group Sessions

In group sessions, entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to connect and collaborate on their business concepts, share their progress and contribute to one another’s successes. We provide activities, case studies, guest speakers and learning opportunities on regionally relevant business topics.

Capacity Building

In our instructional sessions, #Entrepreneurs Everywhere will provide instruction on core business topics relevant to operating a business in a modern environment. These topics include: market research, operations management, marketing and branding, sales, financial literacy, social entrepreneurship, accounting, social media, etc.

One-on one Consultation

  • One on one meetings with entrepreneurs to guide them through their individual planning process
  • Connect and possibly coordinate specific supports from other organizations
  • Monitor progress of entrepreneurs through the program and address potential roadblocks

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